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Even though this isn't my first gender rodeo, Too Like the Lightning (and the rest of the Terra Ignota series) more than any other book broke my brain about gender a little. Ironically, this isn't necessarily even a series "about" gender; this is just an extra worldbuilding and characterization detail. I love it.

In world building Terra Ignota, I set out to imagine, not a future which no longer recognizes gender, but a future that pretends it doesn’t recognize gender, the long-term consequence of such a silence following a surface victory for gender, leaving old unconscious biases and systemic inequalities unaddressed.

This quote is from an incredible guest post by Ada Palmer that is well worth reading: It's worth reading far more than the rest of my own post, so please go read it.

For me, it's hard to talk about Terra Ignota without also talking about Ancillary Justice …