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Canadian; love horror, sci-fi, historical fiction, urban magic, and science non-fiction

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The World We Make (Hardcover, 2022, Orbit) 3 stars

All is not well in the city that never sleeps. Even though the avatars of …

A simplistic narrative that maybe was better off not written

2 stars

In her acknowledgements, Jemisin says she finished this book out of "sheer bloody minded stubbornness", and it shows. The book feels more like a rant, with simplistic politics and a black and white view of the world, lacking any shred of nuance (all white straight people are racists, all cops are evil, all immigrants are kind hearted). It's tiring, and a couples of times I was ready to DNF this book. Sorry I didn't. This book was better left unwritten, even if it meant leaving the first book hanging off a cliffhanger.

Bea Wolf (GraphicNovel, 2023, Roaring Brook Press) 5 stars

A gorgeous, grin-giving, thought-growing gift

5 stars

A brilliant retelling of (a part of) Beowolf, ostensibly for kids but really wonderful for anyone, with beautiful illustrations and the always wonderful wit of Zach Wienersmith. Loved every single page of this.