ʻAl gufati ha-metah

Over my dead body

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Merav Halperin: ʻAl gufati ha-metah (Hebrew language, 2016, Yediʻot aḥaronot, Sifre ḥemed)

213 pages

Hebrew language

Published 2016 by Yediʻot aḥaronot, Sifre ḥemed.

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The protagonist of the unforgettable "Baʻali lo ba-bayit" with her ex-husband goes mad quest to save their son the soldier. Against the background of the ongoing war in the south, they decide to rescue the boy, without his knowledge, by trickery against the army. Along the way they are exposed to typical Israeli reality, and the madness of the conflict.

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  • Arab-Israeli conflict
  • Fiction
  • Families


  • Israel