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C. S. Lewis: The Problem of Pain (2015) 4 stars

The Problem of Pain is a 1940 book on the problem of evil by C. …

A Theological Examination of Pain

3 stars

Lewis explores the existence of suffering from an explicitly Christian theological lens with only fleeting glances of a more philosophical viewpoint. If you already ascribe to a Christian belief, then what's presented here will likely mesh with your existing knowledge to produce a more whole comprehension of the whys and role of suffering in our world. If you aren't, then I don't know if there's that much here for you; not that the insights aren't applicable outside of a Christian context, but rather because I think that context so forcefully holds the entire examination together.

It was a very interesting book, though; I agreed with a bunch of it, it provided a few things I will continue to mull over in the years ahead, and there were a few things I think Lewis missed the mark on. While I don't think that this book is the #1 treatise on the …

Sarah Kaminsky, Adolfo Kaminsky, Mike Mitchell: Adolfo Kaminsky, a Forger's Life (2016, DoppelHouse Press) 4 stars

Best-selling author Sarah Kaminsky takes readers through her father Adolfo Kaminsky's perilous and clandestine career …

I saw a short documentary by the Times abut Adolfo Kaminsky and was fascinated by his story, from unexpected turns in life to the intersection of his pacifism and desire to partake in the war and save lives. Looking forward to reading the story in full.

Cordell Barker, Sarah Howden: Runaway (2019, Firefly Books, Limited) 4 stars

Short, A Bit On The Nose, But Enjoyable

4 stars

Runaway is a brief look at the rigidity of our systems and how we maintain them. It has affection for those that can see how systems may be oblivious to externalities, and the absurd ways we'll attempt to fix them.

It doesn't condemn the nature of these shortcomings, but rather shines a light on them in a humorous way. Awareness is, in fact, most of the battle.

Dan Abnett: Horus rising : the seeds of heresy are sown (2006) 3 stars

Under the benevolent leadership of the Immortal Emperor the Imperium of Man has stretched out …

Review of 'Horus Rising (The Horus Heresy)'

4 stars

Overall it was a solid book. While sometimes dwelling a little too long, the book does a really good job at exploring the philosophy of ideologies born out of times of conflict/war/persecution and how those ideologies hold as the world around them change. Far deeper than I expected, and more than enough to convince me to read another book in the series.

A fairly quick read that entertains and provides enough exploration of ideas about how we choose to interact with the world around us that it's certainly not just a throwaway. I enjoyed it.