Paperback, 608 pages

English language

Published May 2, 2023 by Tor Books.

5 stars (5 reviews)

He's found a way to end their war, but will humanity survive to see it?

Idris Telemmier has uncovered a secret that changes everything -- the Architect's greatest weakness. A shadowy Cartel scrambles to turn his discovery into a weapon against these alien destroyers of worlds. But between them and victory stands self-interest. The galaxy's great powers would rather pursue their own agendas than stand together against this shared terror.

Human and inhuman interests wrestle to control Idris's discovery, as the galaxy erupts into a mutually destructive war. The other great obstacle to striking against their alien threat is Idris himself. He knows that the Architects, despite their power, are merely tools of a higher intelligence. Deep within unspace, their masters are the true threat. Masters who are just becoming aware of humanity's daring - and taking steps to exterminate this annoyance forever.

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