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Just a casual reader. I have lots of books, most of which I haven't read, yet. If only I stopped bringing home books from the library, or buying new (for me - mostly 2nd hand) books, and instead read the books that are already on my shelves. ;)

Importing books into bookrastinating has failed miserably, until now. So, I'll just add books while I read them.

I have a book club with a number of my best friends. It's called Nosnost Boekie. The books that we have read and discussed until now, you can find here

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Kees Volkers: Van Dorestad naar Dokkum (Paperback, Dutch language, Gegarandeerd Onregelmatig) No rating

A hiking guide to 'Camino Bonifacio', a modern pilgrim's path, a long-distance trail from Dorestad …

Great read until now. I randomly read some parts, and then started from the beginning. The start is close to home - #Utrecht - , and the end is close to my origins - #Dokkum in #Friesland. Although the religious bits of Bonifatius are of no interest to me, all the historic information about this person and the places part of the trail make a great read. Currently going over the maps, creating a #bike ride close to the trail route, of about 360-400km.

n/a: Fokke & Sukke kunnen het niet alleen (n/a) 3 stars

One or two handfuls of good columns is a particularly poor yield

3 stars

Reasonable read. From time to time the comics - it's the 15th anniversary of the Fokke & Sukke comic - are pretty good, although for quite a few of them it seems to me they were more fit for the moment they were created, likely fitting the news. Another part of the comics is just pretty mediocre, regardless of being taken out of that time's context. Then the columns that 103 people were asked to write for this or an earlier anniversary: this resulted in 102 columns. And only a small minority of these is great. At a certain moment I stopped writing down the names of authors , but the really good columns could be counted on one or maybe two hands. This is partly due to the outdated topics in this bundle - the bundle is over fifteen year old, and a lot of the columns were written …