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Just a casual reader. I have lots of books, most of which I haven't read, yet. If only I stopped bringing home books from the library, or buying new (for me - mostly 2nd hand) books, and instead read the books that are already on my shelves. ;)

Importing books into bookrastinating has failed miserably, until now. So, I'll just add books while I read them.

I have a book club with a number of my best friends. It's called Nosnost Boekie. The books that we have read and discussed until now, you can find here

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Monica Nanetti: Let's Bike! (Hardcover, Dutch language, 2022, Reno Productions) 2 stars

"Take a bicycle tour through Europe and discover the most breathtaking routes in Let's Bike. …

Superficial listing of more or less interesting European cycling routes

2 stars

As I leafed through this book, it struck me as too superficial a listing of #cycling routes, some of which certainly look interesting. But the further description of these routes, the lack of a route map or at least some geographical context where the route is located, the haphazard collection of photos - apparently the author has used a big pile of stock photos plus pictures from tourist and cycling organisations - makes one easily ask the question: why was this published as a book? A list of blog posts would probably have sufficed, especially if you then refer to the cycling organisations that organise these routes, on whose websites you can then find detailed information per route; the actual information you need. Plus, knowing the route name you can probably also find cyclists who have already ridden the route, have written about it, have practical information for you, and …