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How to Be Better at Almost Everything (Hardcover, 2019, BenBella Books) 3 stars

Review of 'How to Be Better at Almost Everything' on 'Goodreads'

3 stars

Fast read, but the author and narrator (audiobook version) and I seem to disagree on a number of basic points so I was not really persuaded by a number of the arguments made. 
<spoiler>I don't believe that unfettered capitalism is the best and most effective system for increasing happiness, or that Donald Trump is a good example of a successful generalist.</spoiler>
I will admit, though, that I agree with the basic premise of the book. A generalist outlook with a set of compatible skills are more often than not a better pursuit than trying to specialize entirely in something.

"Picture a computer scientist, staring at a screen and clicking away frantically on a keyboard, …

Review of 'Once upon an Algorithm' on 'Goodreads'

3 stars

Excellent idea, but lacking in execution.
The idea of using stories as examples of algorithms is good, but I feel that the author tends to get too focused on the details of the algorithms discussed and therefore risks losing the intended audience.

The accompanying PDF is mostly useless if you're not listening to the audiobook near a computer or has a hard copy accessible at all times where you can refer to it directly. I'm listening to the audiobook while driving which makes this impossible.  Most of the diagrams are just listed with number and no accompanying text. A simple paragraph explaining each example or diagram would make it useful as a reminder/lookup at a later time as well.

Using the concept of  music as a language is a good idea and a natural for an audiobook - and completely squandered as not a single note is played. I understand …

Seven Deadly Wonders (Paperback, 2006, Simon & Schuster) 4 stars

A legend of the ancient world decrees that every 4,500 years, a terrible solar event …

Review of 'Seven Deadly Wonders' on 'Goodreads'

3 stars

Indiana Jones meets Jack Reacher meets Superman. Fast paced but I had trouble  feeling engaged with the characters since they - and especially Jack West Jr. - were so superhuman that there was never any real feeling of danger. 
I would have loved it when I saw  the original Indiana Jones movies, but it just feels silly now.