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I like reading Sci-fi, Mystery and stuff like that, still have to sink my teeth into the Fantasy genre but I would probably like it too. I also like Manga, but I use Anilist for that, until support for it improves here...

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Frank Herbert: Dune (1990, Chilton Books, Putnam - Penguin Books) 4 stars

Dune is set in the distant future amidst a feudal interstellar society in which various …

Dune is Dune

4 stars

Since I watched the movies first, I was happy to have one of my main fears dissapear completely during the first couple chapters. Many of the plot twists present on both movies are actually things the reader just knows from the start. The betrayal and the plot against House Atreides, the people behind it and the reason for it can be inferred quickly enough.

Herbert’s confidence in the world he wrote can end up being too much to a lot of people. From the beginning of the novel, characters throw around a lot of made up terms that can be confusing, and in a setting where Dukes, Counts and Emperors, Great Houses and Cults are still a thing, alongside intergalactic travel and human calculators, the politics and relationships of it all are quite complex.

The book doesn’t hold your hand at all. There are references and intriguing events from long …

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