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I like reading Sci-fi, Mystery and stuff like that, still have to sink my teeth into the Fantasy genre but I would probably like it too. I also like Manga, but I use Anilist for that, until support for it improves here...

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commented on Denouement by HexDSL

Denouement (Paperback, HexDSL Publishing) No rating

Aliens, robots, non-organic life forms, spaceships, and neon skies are the backdrop to a mystery …

Managed to read quite a bunch of this one fairly easily, I think it got me hooked, the only reason I have for not reading more pages is homework I have to do. Sad times.

reviewed Dracula by Bram Stoker

Dracula (EBook, 2022, Standard Ebooks) 4 stars

Dracula is one of the most famous public-domain horror novels in existence, responsible not just …

Even if you think you know Dracula, this still holds up!

4 stars

I had never given classic horror a go before, but this one was a pleasant surprise. The original Dracula story was something I thought I knew, elements like Dracula’s castle and the power possessed by that monster make an appearance here, but despite what you might expect of the original vampire, the book is still filled with great characters and moments that were truly nerve-wracking.

I couldn’t help but read faster and faster at times where the tension raised up, hoping for it to end when it was only getting worse. But its not all bad, there is always hope, and the determination of the characters to defend their loved ones and the future of humanity from the reign of the un-dead, is just great, but a few moments of old English were a little hard to read.

I listened to different audiobooks while reading, which was quite atmospheric too. …