Artificial condition (2018) 4 stars

It has a dark past - one in which a number of humans were killed. …

Fun next adventure with murderbot

4 stars

The second adventure with the self-styled murderbot was a quick, fun read. This had echoes of the hilarious depressed disinterested yet obsessed with observations of the humans around it. With the help of a new ship AI ally ART, we find out more about murderbots past.

@bjerre I find the same things funny: it trying to dechiffre human emotional reactions etc. Murderbot and the ship AI seem like little kids. Yet this makes them more human, in my eyes, but we gotta understand: we, the readers and the author, anthromorphize ourselves in to these future AIs. We have no idea what they will do and if they'll try to understand humans.

An example: do you try to understand ants? Some of us do, like Hölldobler / Wilson in Superorganism ( ->, but most of us don't and wouldn't ever.