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Voracious reader, occasional writer, retired journalist. Canadian in Croatia, permanently. I like smart stories to challenge my imagination, or tug on my emotions. That goes for character and plot driven stories, I don’t care as long as it grips me and keeps me going through the end. Genre agnostic. I do despise lazy writing, when too little is explained and too much left to reader’s’ imagination, unfinished stories and illogical plot developments or character’s’ behaviour.

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Fredrik Backman: Winners (2022, Cengage Gale) 4 stars

Heart-tugging last instalment of the Beartown saga

4 stars

All the familiar lovable characters are back, although this time around the writing started tugging the heart-strings from the very beginning and by the end, a long time later, I was exhausted. But, yes, a big drama with some serious casualties and a lot of hockey! As with all Backman’s books, the main story is humanity that can be found in the most peculiar places - deep in the dark wilderness of the forest, and among the nicest of smalltown people as well as the hockey hooligans.