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I #read #mystery, #LiteraryFiction, #Bibliography (of both animals and people!), #History, #Psychology, #Pedagogy, #SciFi, #thriller, anything about #dogs, #feminist #fiction and #nonfiction, and am currently trying to expand my too-white horizons with #BlackWomen authors and #Indigenous, #NativeAmerican #AmericanIndian authors. You may know me as @PshrinkEmeritus or @Virginia_Wood_ over on the bird site or as I have been a fiend for reading since I was a little kid and am never, ever without a book ready to hand. . . or multiple, teetering TBR files lol

I read to learn and to escape--mostly the former by day, the latter in bed. It's not a good day if I haven't had time to read!

On a more serious level, am working my way through the #Tipitaka (the #PaliCanon) verse by verse, and have a mess of books on #Buddhism in my TBR pile.

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Critical Race Theory (1996) No rating

This is hard going. I started it in the summer of 2021 when all the fuss started about people teaching CRT in the public schools and it threatened to spread to colleges and universities. I wondered what it was exactly, and whether I might have been teaching it all along without calling it that. Because I do emphasize a systems approach, critical reading, etc. & so forth. I can't make heads or tails of it so I guess not lol! If I ever finish it, I'll come back and write a proper review.