The Constant Rabbit

A Novel

hardcover, 307 pages

Published Sept. 29, 2020 by Viking.

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5 stars (5 reviews)

"A new stand-alone novel from the New York Times bestselling author of Early Riser and the Thursday Next series England, 2022. There are 1.2 million human-size rabbits living in the UK. They can walk, talk, drive cars, and they like to read Voltaire, the result of an Inexplicable Anthropomorphizing Event fifty-five years before. A family of rabbits is about to move into Much Hemlock, a cozy little village in Middle England where life revolves around summer fetes, jam making, gossipy corner stores, and the oh-so-important Best Kept Village awards. No sooner have the rabbits arrived than the villagers decide they must depart, citing their propensity to burrow and breed, and their shameless levels of veganism. But Mrs Constance Rabbit is made of sterner stuff, and her and her family decide they are to stay. Unusually, their neighbors--longtime resident Peter Knox and his daughter, Pippa--decide to stand with them . . …

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4 stars

Fforde has never shied away from politics in his books, often using the fantastical to comment on the mundane realities of our world. That being said this is by far the most political and philosophical of his works in quite some time (maybe all time.)

There’s a sense of anger tuned through the pacifistic worldview of the titular rabbits threaded through the book. It almost feels like Fforde is shaking you the reader, trying to make you see.

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5 stars