I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream

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Published Aug. 4, 2009 by e-reads.com.

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4 stars (1 review)

First published in 1967 and re-issued in 1983, I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream contains seven stories with copyrights ranging from 1958 through 1967. This edition contains the original introduction by Theodore Sturgeon and the original foreword by Harlan Ellison, along with a brief update comment by Ellison that was added in the 1983 edition. Among Ellison's more famous stories, two consistently noted as among his very best ever are the title story and the volume's concluding one, "Pretty Maggie Moneyeyes". Since Ellison himself strongly resists categorization of his work, we won't call them science fiction, or SF, or speculative fiction or horror or anything else except compelling reading experiences that are sui generis. They could only have been written by Harlan Ellison and they are incomparably original.

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I Have A Mouth, and I Shall Scream How Good This Is

4 stars

This is a collection of short stories about different topics and things, Ellison doesn’t like to define a genre for his writings, so I will not either. Its mostly science fiction though. Every story comes with a preface by the author narrating some extra details in a short manner, that helped to get me into his headspace and read the stuff with a different view. Honestly that was a bit annoying and slightly spoiler-ish, but it didn’t take much away because reading actual content and the prose of every paragraph was a total joy. Each writing was unique in its own way and it brought a lot of unique ideas to the table. I liked it so much I refused to read the last story for a while for some reason, I didn’t want it to end. But there are more books out there!


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