The Shadowed Sun

528 pages

English language

Published Dec. 6, 2012 by Little, Brown Book Group Limited.

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5 stars (4 reviews)

Gujaareh, the city of dreams, suffers under the imperial rule of the Kisuati Protectorate. A city where the only law was peace now knows violence and oppression. A mysterious and deadly plague now haunts the citizens of Gujaareh, dooming the infected to die screaming in their sleep. Someone must show them the way.

2 editions

Review of 'The Shadowed Sun' on 'Goodreads'

5 stars

What a grand opener to the new year. I already loved the first book of the duology, but the sequel really blew me away.

The Shadowed Sun is set 10 years after The Killing Moon. Gujaareh is occupied by the Kisuati after the events of the first book, and the peaceful citizens are ready to shake off the yoke of the conquerors. In the desert, the legitimate heir of the mad prince Eninket, Wanahomen, is ready to lead the barbarian tribes to gain his throne. But as things are heating up, a mysterious dream plague starts killing people in Gujaareh and in particular affects the only woman of the narcomancy priests of the Hetawi, a Sharer-Apprentice called Hanani.

What can I say, I loved it. The story behind the dream plague is tragic and shook me up, and I loved the tribal folks, in particular Yanassa. I love me some …

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5 stars
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4 stars
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5 stars


  • Fiction, fantasy, general