The Kingdom of Gods

(The Inheritance Trilogy #3)

English language

Published Sept. 5, 2011


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4 stars (5 reviews)

The Kingdom of Gods is a fantasy novel by American writer N. K. Jemisin, the third book of her Inheritance trilogy.

2 editions

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5 stars

One of the signs of a great fantasy series is if it moves me to the point of tears or not. The final book of the Inheritance Trilogy did, so for me it's a successful series. The third book is set another 90 years ahead of the events in book 2 and features Sieh as first person narrator of the story. Drawn back to his former prison in Sky, the godling meets the twins of the current Arameri leader and befriends the children. When they swear a blood oath to be real friends, some strange magic happens, turning Sieh mortal and worst for him rapidly ages the godling of children. While trying to find a way to regain his godhood, he gets enmeshed in a plot to destroy the Arameri family and other machinations of a previously unknown godling.

Not only do you get to meet new characters like the …

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