The lost symbol : a novel

English language

Published Nov. 16, 2009

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1 star

The Lost Symbol: a lost opportunity A certain sense of déjà vu: Dan Brown seems to have found a personal formula that works for him - and he sticks to it book after book.
The discovery of the Da Vinci Code was pleasant enough: as a first contact with Dan Brown's writing, it makes for a good light reading. Going back to his other books, I couldn't help feeling somewhat disappointed. Still, we tend to learn and evolve, and after the success of the "Da Vinci Code" one could hope that the author would try some different explorations of his characters and world.
Sadly, "The Lost Symbol" now confirms that if you're read one book by Dan Brown, you've read them all. Plot and twists are previsible, and the puzzles the characters encounter cannot offer any intellectual stimulation to the reader. Worse still, I had better memories of …