Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

The 1818 Text

English language

Published Nov. 6, 2021 by Independently Published.

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4 stars (5 reviews)

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I loved the writing alot, but the plot not so much

4 stars

Some people call this the first SciFi book ever written (in about 1816), and I found out I'm really into 19th century tone of narration.

Yet the plot is not so large that the book should need 200 pages to get through. There are many passages with tedious self-reflection of both Victor Frankenstein and his unnamed "monster". Also, the plot isn't really good - the monster behaves like a gentleman most of the times, he learns exceptional english by listening to a French family etc.

But the "monster" isn't really a monster, it's just made to be one by Victor, his creator who does not fill the role of dad he also has in relation to his creation. The monster kills, but only once enraged and made to be forlorn by Victor himself, and all other humans, who get enraged just by seeing him.

It appears also that Shelley was …

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4 stars


I seriously liked the first half. It definitely became a bit boring afterwards.

There are some very beautifully written segments, but there is also some character behavior that... maybe was normal 200 years ago, but definitely made me disconnect a bit from the story.

I will be reading the revised story, because I've heard great things about it and there is definitely a lot to learn from these.

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