Lady of the Lake

Published Jan. 27, 1999 by superNOWA.

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5 stars

Lady of the Lake is the conclusion to the 5-part The Witcher series.

Ciri has teleported, and discovers she has some magical power, allowing her to travel between space and time. She tries to return to her own world, and succeeds.
Meanwhile, Geralt and his companions are still scouring the continent for Ciri, and get caught up in an affair of Dandelion in Toussaint, after being pursued by mercenaries hired by Vilgefortz.

Something I find quite impressive, and admirable, is Sapkowski's accurate style of descriptions. I can imagine myself, standing on the remains of a battlefield, with the crows pecking the corpses, and the survivors moaning for help.
The battle of Brenna is brilliantly described. No romanticizing, no glorification of death or violence, just pure, raw, and frankly unnecessary bloodshed. The battle is told from the the perspectives of poor scribe Jarre, who has found himself in a pike regiment, …

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