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I read mostly fiction, both in Dutch and in English.

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Salman Rushdie (Paperback, 2002, Palgrave Macmillan) 4 stars

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4 stars

I listened to a fantastic old audio book version of The Satanic Verses. Somebody digitised it from a series of old cassette tapes and put it on the internet (thank you). I am not sure if it is the voice of Salman Rushdie himself, whoever it is, I would like to thank him so much for this brilliant work. 22 hours of listening pleasure during my walks to and from work. 
I always thought that this was a very serious book. But for most parts it is hilarious. It is also long winding, and I must admit that at some parts I dozed off, simply enjoying the very pleasant sound of the narrator’s voice.

Hamlet (2001, Giunti) 3 stars

In this quintessential Shakespeare tragedy, a young prince's halting pursuit of revenge for the murder …

Review of 'Hamlet' on 'Storygraph'

4 stars

Prachtig geïllustreerd. En dat de teksten fantastich zijn dat wisten we natuurlijk al.

The new architecture and the Bauhaus (1937, Museum of Modern Art) No rating

Review of 'The new architecture and the Bauhaus' on 'Storygraph'

No rating

Interesting when it comes to design education. I love the idea of a mixed team of lecturers, based on both artists and on craftspeople. Indeed, if you look at some of the products that were produced by people who were schooled by the Bauhaus, this clearly paid off.
I think it becomes problematic when it comes to architecture. And the big problem here is that urban planning is approached as a mathematical problem, instead of a human problem. It the second part of the book I completely miss the fact that houses, towns and cities are there for people. It looks like Gropius thinks they are for accountants and managers only.