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I read books for fun and learning, Caught up on Sanderson, starting a journey of Ursula K. LeGuin and Malazan by Steven Erikson, will always read another Piers Anthony or Patrick Rothfuss or Neal Stephenson or Jonathan Franzen. History and Biography when Nonfiction suits like a Robert Caro. White whales maybe someday are Nightside the long Sun, Infinite Jest, and Ulysses. I always have plenty of tech books and textbooks close at hand. Desire to learn Thai, Spanish and German

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The bomb and the computer. (1968) 5 stars

Wargaming history

5 stars

This is a really good history of wargaming, up until it was written in 1968. What I really like is it’s an honest discussion of what wargaming is, and what it isn’t (the latter perhaps being more important).

And the last chapter? No spoilers, but wow. Just wow.

If you are at all interested in war games, this is a really good read.