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I read books for fun and learning, Caught up on Sanderson, starting a journey of Ursula K. LeGuin and Malazan by Steven Erikson, will always read another Piers Anthony or Patrick Rothfuss or Neal Stephenson or Jonathan Franzen. History and Biography when Nonfiction suits like a Robert Caro. White whales maybe someday are Nightside the long Sun, Infinite Jest, and Ulysses. I always have plenty of tech books and textbooks close at hand. Desire to learn Thai, Spanish and German

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Brandon Sanderson: The Sunlit Man (EBook, 2023) No rating

Years ago he had comrades in arms and a cause to believe in, but now …

A world where the day is short and the sun is fatal so the cities run away until they no longer can

No rating

A standalone Brandon Sanderson Cosmere novel about a traveler who arrives on a small planet where the sun is fatal, and dawn is always close. An engaging action story about what to do when you always have to run, how do you find connection and finding hope when all is lost. I think the best of the 4 Secret Projects from the largest Kickstarter in history The Year of Sanderson, and the other three books were excellent. I can't wait for the mid-series finale of the Stormlight Archive in book 5 next year, but what a present from one of my favorite authors.

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Robert Jordan, Brandon Sanderson: A Memory of Light (Paperback, 2013, Tor Fantasy) 5 stars

Since 1990, when Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time® burst on the world with its …

I can't believe I'm finally at the end of The Wheel of Time series. I started reading this series on December 31, 2021. Since then, I've read 82 books including the books in this series. The slog in this series is REAL and it was frustrating as hell. I hate this series as much as I love it. I wish Brandon Sanderson had written it all. It's going to feel weird not having this series to read when I'm done.

Malazan, next?