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Review ★s are skewed down because there are no half stars and I want to differentiate between enjoyed, really liked, and loved.

★★★★★ - I loved and probably didn't shut up about it for at least a week ★★★★✫ - I really enjoyed it. ★★★✫✫ - I liked it. ★★✫✫✫ - This book was not for me, but I finished it without much difficulty. ★✫✫✫✫ - I actively put the book down and stopped reading it.

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2023 Reading Goal

40% complete! Strnad has read 10 of 25 books.

In the Lives of Puppets (2023, St. Martin's Press) 4 stars

I had a lot of trouble getting into this book, and ended up skipping from about 30% through to the epilogue.

I just... didn't like any of the characters. I know in the other TJ Klune books I've read, the main character grows over time, so maybe these would have gotten better if I could give it more time. They did overall seem better by the end, but not enough for me to go back and reread the middle.

Lost in the Moment and Found (Hardcover, 2023, Tordotcom) 5 stars

Glad I picked this up

4 stars

When Antsy runs away, she finds herself in a shop full of lost items, with doors that open into other worlds. This provides glances at the number of different worlds out there through the doors.

I enjoyed the cameo with Jack and Jill. Unsurprising, since Jack was one of my favorite characters, and it was good to see her again, if only for a sentence.

Like most of the other Wayward Children books, I really enjoyed the majority of the novella. Again, the ending lets me down, just a little bit. While I love the world and characters in the series, the endings often seemed rushed. I had actually given up on reading these because of that, but happened to find this at the library yesterday and read it in a couple hours. Lost in the Moment and Found did a better job with the limited wrap up time than …

Manhunt (2022, Tor Nightfire) 4 stars

Y: The Last Man meets The Girl With All the Gifts in Gretchen Felker-Martin's Manhunt, …

Not for me

3 stars

This was a book where I was intrigued by the premise and world, but just couldn't relate to most of the main characters.

I get that the characters have reasons to be fucked up (and the end of the world as we know it didn't help), but the poor communication and self-destructive tendencies were painful to read.

Child of the Ghosts (Paperback, 2013, Createspace Independent Publishing Platform, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform) 3 stars

Good for a fun read

3 stars

I enjoyed this book, and if I find a good deal on the sequels, will try to read those.

...But it was a fun read more than a good read. The more I think about the book, the more things bug me. Caira is too good at everything - I'm not sure the book shows her mess up badly. There's a number of repetitive phrases, and I think it would have benefited from not including the big villian's POV chapters.

Some questions I ask myself after any book: * Could the problem be solved by the main characters sitting down and talking like reasonable people? Nope * Does the main character make mistakes? ...She thinks she does. I'm not convinced.

At the queen's command (2010, Night Shade Books) 3 stars

A new fantasy series, re-imagining the events of the American Revolutionary War. The Crown Colonies …

(Manual import from goodreads, originally written 2015/01/03)

3 stars

I liked this book, but it didn't capture me as much as some other of Stackpole's books. Hence the 2 month read time (The Wheel of Time took me 6 months, so...) The main characters were a bit too perfect and unrealistic.

My standard book questions:

Could everything be solved by the main characters sitting down and talking at the beginning? - Nope. Even combined, the protagonists just don't have enough information.

Does the main character make mistakes? Not many

Tales of the Red Panda: The Android Assassins (2010) 4 stars

(Manual import from goodreads, originally written 2015/04/06)

4 stars

Gregg's books seem to be the dessert of books for me. They're enjoyable, and I can't stop reading once I get started. On the other hand, no matter how fun it is, I need to pick up something more substantial next.

Nevertheless, there will be rereads! Yes, indeed.

There are a few typos, but only the lack of a table of contents bothered me.