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Matt πŸ“š

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SRE working in email. Gay. Married. Doggy daddy.

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I like Star Trek, genealogy, O scale model trains, history, Pokemon, LEGO, coin collecting, books, music, board gaming, video gaming, camping, 420, and more.

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Sapiens (AudiobookFormat, 2015, Tantor Audio) 4 stars


5 stars

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Star Trek: Lower Decks #3 (EBook, 2022, IDW) 5 stars

With the Cerritos under attack and Captain Freeman’s away team accused of violating Starfleet’s most …

Star Trek Comics Are Fun Again For Me

5 stars

I have to admit that it's been a good ten or so years (maybe a bit less) since I read Star Trek comics. I wasn't one to go back and read old ones, but instead I was reading what IDW was putting out. Some of it was just OK, but I was pretty bored with it all.

Lower Decks, on the other hand, is fun to read and has me back to reading Star Trek comics. I need to check out some more, as I know a lot of have come in the few years.