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Created and curated by Jürgen Hubert

A list for role-playing game worldbuilding tools - RPG supplements that assist in the creation and fleshing-out of role-playing game worlds. I accept further submissions for this list - here are some guidelines:

  • The book does not need to focus exclusively on world-building, but should at least have a dedicated chapter for this purpose.
  • Essays on worldbuilding are fine, but random tables that can be used by worldbuilders are ideal.
  • While worldbuilding tools for a specific RPG are fine, they should have some utility beyond this particular game line or setting.
  • If you want to submit a book to this list, it would help me if you write a comment in the book's Bookwyrm entry (or even a full-fledged review) where you explain why it's worthy of inclusion and tag my account (i.e. @juergen_hubert@bookrastinating.com ) so that I can check it out.
  1. Stars Without Number: Revised Edition by 

    No rating

    The year is 3200 and mankind's empire lies in ashes.

    The Jump Gates fell six hundred years ago, severing the …

  2. Other Dust by 

    No rating

    The world is an open grave.

    Green glass plains and trinitite pearls necklace the throats of torn cities. Prismatic jungles …

  3. Darkness Visible: Espionage Campaigns for Stars Without Number by 

    No rating

    Discover Sights of Woe

    Rain-slick streets beneath an alien sky. Untraceable mail on a private terminal. A man in a …

  4. Dead Names: Lost Races and Forgotten Ruins by 

    No rating

    Dead Worlds Lie Dreaming

    Beneath the dirt of fallen worlds lie the bones of forgotten empires and the relics of …

  5. Suns of Gold: Merchant Campaigns for Stars Without Number by 

    No rating

    Galactic Treasures Await You...

    They are merchants, thieves, grifters, saviors and worse. They roam the untamed void to bring the …

  6. Cities Without Number by 

    No rating

    The world is neon and dust.

    There is nothing more than the flesh. There is nothing greater than the wires. …

  7. Silent Legions by 

    No rating

    The world is broken in hidden ways. The truth is concealed for the sake of mortal minds. The unendurable reality …

  8. Damnation City (Vampire the Requiem) by , , , and 2 others

    No rating

    Look, it's simple:

    See that fat lick over there? With the backpack? When he steps onto the black asphalt of …

  9. Godbound: A Game of Divine Heroes by 

    No rating

    The Throne stands empty.

    Heaven has fallen, and the Words of Creation thunder from new throats.

    Undestined, unfettered, unchosen, you …

  10. Worlds Without Number by 

    No rating

    The stars gutter and the skies fade and the earth grows weary with years. Ages of men and of Outsiders …

  11. Red Tide: Campaign Sourcebook and Sandbox Toolkit by 

    No rating

    A Red Tide is Rising

    For three hundred years, the last remnants of humanity have clung to the wild green …

  12. World Builder's Guidebook by 

    No rating

    Admit it. . . you've always wanted to design your own fantasy world. But the job was just too big …

  13. Barbarians Of The Aftermath by 

    No rating

    Barbarians of the Aftermath is a setting expansion for the Barbarians of Lemuria RPG, although fans of Post-Apocalyptic fiction …

  14. A Magical Medieval Society

    No rating

    This 144-page supplement is for GMs and players who wish to add a touch of realism to their game. It's …

  15. A Magical Society: Ecology and Culture by ,

    No rating

    He killed the God of War. He ascended into his divinity. No one told him that was the easy part. …

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