The Nightmare Stacks

A Laundry Files novel


Published May 11, 2017 by ORBIT.

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"The Laundry Files' 'fast-paced blend of espionage thrills, mundane office comedy and Lovecraftian horror' (SFX) continues as Hugo Award-winning author Charles Stross assigns a day trader to a permanent position on the night shift ... After stumbling upon the algorithm that turned him and his fellow merchant bankers into vampires, Alex Schwartz was drafted by The Laundry, Britain's secret counter-occult agency that's humanity's first line of defense against the forces of darkness. Dependent on his new employers for his continued existence--as Alex has no stomach for predatory bloodsucking--he has little choice but to accept his new role as an operative-in-training. Dispatched to Leeds, Alex's first assignment is to help assess the costs of renovating a 1950s Cold War bunker into The Laundry's new headquarters. Unfortunately, Leeds is Alex's hometown, and the thought of breaking the news to his parents that he's left banking for civil service, while hiding his undead …

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4 stars

The Laundry is a secret British intelligence agency dealing with the occult. But the occult of The Laundry Files series is special. To quote book three, The Fuller Memorandum, "...Our magic is computational. The realm of pure mathematics is very real indeed, and the things that cast shadows on the walls of Plato’s cave can sometimes be made to listen and pay attention if you point a loaded theorem at them. This is, however, a very dangerous process, because most of the shadow-casters are unclear on the distinction between pay attention and free buffet lunch here."

Alex, the protagonist of The Nightmare Stacks, found himself supernaturally afflicted in an earlier installment of the series by writing (and understanding) an advanced banking algorithm. The "v-parasites" from beyond that came to inhabit his brain turned him into what would be responsible for inspiring the vampires of myth long ago. Sunlight burns him, …

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