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Published July 27, 2012 by Vintage, imusti.

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What am I supposed to say after finishing this book?

5 stars

I mean. WOW. First of all, yes, Murakami is a renowned writer with his own brand of genius. This Alice-in-Wonderlandish adventure following two lovers into a parallel world is so unconventional and strange, it's hard not to get obsessed with it. It was unpredictable all the way through, an incredible feat. But it also had some huge themes that are part of my own life, so much so that it got a little creepy at times. I'm sad I'm done with it, and I'm so grateful that it exists and that I found my way to it. It's everything a work of fiction should be - disorienting, thought-provoking, addicting, honest, and powerful. You should read this book.