Under A White Sky

The Nature of the Future

Hardcover, 256 pages

Published April 15, 2021 by Crown.

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4 stars (1 review)

Elizabeth Kolbert takes a hard look at the new world we are creating. Along the way, she meets biologists who are trying to preserve the world's rarest fish, which lives in a single tiny pool in the middle of the Mojave; engineers who are turning carbon emissions to stone in Iceland; Australian researchers who are trying to develop a super coral that can survive on a hotter globe; and physicists who are contemplating shooting tiny diamonds into the stratosphere to cool the earth. One way to look at human civilization, says Kolbert, is as a ten-thousand-year exercise in defying nature. In The Sixth Extinction, she explored the ways in which our capacity for destruction has reshaped the natural world. Now she examines how the very sorts of interventions that have imperiled our planet are increasingly seen as the only hope for its salvation.

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Review of 'Under A White Sky' on 'Goodreads'

4 stars

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As for this book:

There's an amount of insight into the changing of our environments in a way that points to larger-scale issues that are likely to impact our way of life sooner, rather than later. When we hear about climate change and the impending climate catastrophe, we often only think of temperatures rising and some sort of apocalyptic scenario in which we all burn to a crisp. I think this book provides an important amount of context to what's going on now in the world that is directly linked to these changes and how they're only going to be exacerbated without some …