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Published June 17, 2022 by Penguin Publishing Group.

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A fateful year in the life of a thirteen-year-old shepherd's son living in Lapvona, a fiefdom ruled by a corrupt, incompetent and feckless lord.

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Uno de los mejores libros que he leído

5 stars

Es difícil decir eso de "este es el mejor libro que he leído nunca", porque bueno, depende del día. Sobre héroes y tumbas de Sábato, o la inclasificable "la casa de las hojas", de Danielewski, las colecciones de cuentos de Borges, Nuestra parte de noche de Mariana Enríquez etc... son libros que me han dejado el cerebro fundido, y Lapvona lo ha vuelto a hacer. Es cierto que no está muy desarrollado, es una novela muy corta, que hubiera ganado con 200-300 páginas más. Realmente el final te sabe a poco.


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When Marek was born, his mother died, or so he was told. He lives with his father, a shepherd, in Lapvona, the fiefdom of a corrupt, feckless and incompetent lord. Marek is the line that runs through Lapvona. He was born with skeletal deformities that earn him the contempt of Lapvona villagers, including his father. However, he makes friends with the lord’s son, although the prince treats him more as a hunting dog than as a friend. The relation between Marek and the prince is the feeble engine driving whatever plot there is in Lapvona. Overall, Lapvona reads like a truly terrible year, from spring to spring, at a tyrannically-run Ren Faire: murderous bandit raids, drought and starvation, relentless poverty and grinding work. Add to that humanity’s propensity to lie, and the almost impossibility of meaningfully connecting with another person, and you get a Boschian horror-show from which …

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