22 Ideas About the Future

eBook, 154 pages

Published by Cybersalon Press.

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This collection of provocations from the think tank Cybersalon brings together a blend of near-future speculative fiction and non-fiction commentary from leading experts in the fields of health, community, retail, and money. Together, they shine a light behind the cornerstones of our lives to reveal the unexpected and invite you to cast your critical eye on technology and its effect on society. Be prepared for warnings and inspirations from those who speculate about the future and those who make it a reality.

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Interesting bite-sized futures

No rating

The ideas are more interesting than the prose, but then these are meant to be bite-sized provocations more than complete stories, so it's hard to complain on that front. Glad to see a mix of hopeful and dystopian futures, along with some that are a mix of both. Tech is rarely just one or the other, and these brief glimpses into possible futures are a great way of illustrating that mixed potential.