Hand lettering step by step

techniques and projects to express yourself creatively

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Kathy Glynn: Hand lettering step by step (2018)

143 pages

English language

Published Feb. 17, 2018

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"In today's digital age, people crave the touch of the handmade. Lettering is a timeless art form that is experiencing a renaissance of popularity. In Organic Lettering, artist Kathy Glynn demonstrates how to create lettering styles that are expressive, beautiful, and romantic. After explaining the basics of the three main forms of lettering-hand lettering, brush lettering, and pointed pen calligraphy-Kathy demonstrates how to combine lettering styles, add embellishments, and even digitize lettering for a variety of uses. More than 20 original projects explore ways to incorporate lettering into art and craft designs, including temporary tattoos, address stamps, etching on glass, and a custom family tree."--

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