Of All the New Yorks in All the Worlds

A Tor. com Original

English language

Published Jan. 15, 2022 by Doherty Associates, LLC, Tom.

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3 stars (1 review)

A student of multiversal time travel slips from one version of New York to another, discovering that love may transcend timelines, but so too can heartbreak…

1 edition

A story of interdimensional love and heartbreak.

3 stars

A trainee message courier travels between universes, passing messages between different versions of the same person. On one such trip, he falls in love with the message receiver. But she breaks off their relationship when he has to return to his own universe. Now the same person from his own universe wishes to meet him.

A tale with minimal SF in it (interdimensional travel), it is more of a story of a person facing heartbreak over a broken relationship in another universe and doesn't quite know how to deal with meeting the same person in his own universe. Together, perhaps they can work out how deeply they should be involved with each other.