Someone in Time

Tales of Time-Crossed Romance

English language

Published May 24, 2022 by Black Library, The.

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4 stars (4 reviews)

Anthology of inclusive tales of people through time looking for one another and for ways for the world to be better.

Love brought together or torn apart by time travel.

This anthology is the latest collection of time-travel romance sci-fi short stories from prominent, award-winning sci-fi authors including Nina Allan, Carrie Vaughn, and Seanan McGuire. Follow timetravelers of all genders as they go backward and forward in time, sometimes to save the one they love, other times as a sacrifice, and others simply because it's their job. Some travel through memory, others through dreams, and others still through time machines to touch people who would otherwise be out of reach, and to join them together. Some of the stories are funny, some are sad and poignant, some are tales of fresh love and some of love forever lost, but they all are rather wonderful.

Including stories by: Alix E. Harrow, …

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reviewed Someone in Time by Zen Cho

The Difference Between Love and Time

4 stars

(Sorry for duplicated review. This one got ate by data loss, but I'm still trying to have some record of everything I read this year.)

A chaotic love story between the narrator and the embodiment of the space/time continuum itself. The space/time continuum exists across all past, present, future, potential, and parallel timelines and so the narrative itself is incredibly fractured. As the space/time continuum says, "That events do indeed occur sequentially is perhaps the greatest lie of all."

Despite the story emitting a background radiation of what feel like nonsense one-off riffs, the story brings all of these tiny details back together for a surprisingly satisfying conclusion.

reviewed Someone in Time by Zen Cho

The Difference Between Love and Time

4 stars

I read this online here as it's nominated for a Hugo this year.

This is a chaotic relationship story between the narrator and the space/time continuum. The space/time continuum is sort of embodied in different ways, exists across all previous and future and parallel times, and so the narrative is fractured as it jumps around through different times and places. As the space/time continuum says, "That events do indeed occur sequentially is perhaps the greatest lie of all."

In the middle of this nonsense roller coaster, I started to feel increasingly skeptical about there being something of substance here for me to feel satisfied by. The narration emits a background radiation of many small nonsense details that feel like one-off riffs, but in the end it manages to wrangle them all together into a satisfying payoff.

A Heartwarming Collection of Intriguing Stories

4 stars

This book was at times a delight, and at other times a slight burden. I really enjoyed all of the stories that were included in this book, and there are so many talented authors who contributed to this wonderful collection.

The stories made me cherish the relationships in my life. It's really a celebration of love in all its many forms. While some stories focused on romantic love, others focused more on the love that exists between family members.

The one thing that made this book feel like something of a burden at times is that each new story brings with it a large amount of world-building. Stories about time travel have a lot of context to establish in order to make the plot points seem believable. In a larger single-narrative story, much of this work would be done at the outset and then the reader could enjoy the development …

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4 stars


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