$ git sync murder

, #2

Ebook, 279 pages

Published June 23, 2021 by Tilted Windmill Press.

3 stars (1 review)

Murder on the Sysadmin Express

After accidentally solving two murders, Dale Whitehead hungers to stay in his apartment, hack virtual memory stacks, and forget the whole thing. Instead, his boss sends him to a technology/sci-fi convention in Detroit. He plans to endure his stint at the vendor table, stumble through his presentation, and escape anonymously.

A dead body ruins everything.

Dale finds himself battling liquid nitrogen ice cream, balky network addressing schemes, the Chaos Machine, and his own reputation, while the corpses pile up.

“Wait to see if it happens again:” Great for troubleshooting IPv6 multicast over wireless. Not so much for murder.

1 edition

Nerd meets murderer, again

3 stars

It is hard to know what attention-deficit-disorder is like when you don’t have it. But if it is anything like this author’s portrayal, the. I have a new understanding and appreciation for the coping mechanisms that those with ADD employ to live in a neurotypical world. Wow, that can be distracting!

A good story with plenty of geeky details to satisfy any computer or networking nerd. Not sure how it is taken by the average reader, but Lucas certainly knows his audience.