A Tanyth Fairport Adventure (A Tanyth Fairport Adventure, Book 1)

Paperback, 354 pages

English language

Published Dec. 6, 2011 by Durandus.


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5 stars (2 reviews)

You're never too old to make a bad decision. After twenty winters on the road, Tanyth makes one last pilgrimage in her quest to learn all she can about the herbs and medicinal plants of Korlay before settling down to write her magnum opus. Her journey is interrupted when she stops to help a small village and learns that much of what she knows of the world may not be quite as it seems.

Nathan Lowell blends wiccan tradition and shamanistic lore into a fantasy quest and creates a world for a new - if unlikely - heroine to explore. She learns that the familiar sometimes hides the fantastical and that, even when you think you've made your decisions, life doesn't always agree.

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