Alone with You in the Ether

Hardcover, 288 pages

Published Dec. 6, 2022 by Tor Books.

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4 stars (1 review)

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Review of 'Alone with You in the Ether' on 'Goodreads'

4 stars

This was a beautifully written book and I absolutely fell in love with Aldo, the mathematician, more than anyone else in this book.
I generally do not read love stories featuring straight couples since well, being queer myself I just can't help but find most of these typical pairings rather bland and repetitive but I was surprised by this one in particular. Maybe it's because stories with mentally ill people just tend to make things less conventional and therefore a lot more compelling, maybe I just liked the characters, maybe it was just good writing, maybe it was just good, idk.

What I know is that these type of relationships are bound to failure and being the most sane one in the couple always takes too big of a toll to make it worth it in the long run and I do wonder if things would truly be okay in …