Thunderbird (Miriam Black)

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Chuck Wendig: Thunderbird (Miriam Black) (2017, Saga Press)

336 pages

Published Feb. 28, 2017 by Saga Press.

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4 stars (1 review)

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4 stars

While not rising to the heights of my favorite Miriam Black book, Mockingbird, Thunderbird is a solid entry in the series that I enjoyed more than her adventures in Cormorant in Florida. This time filthy-mouthed, broken, ass-kicking Miriam is in Arizona, in the saguaro desert, a setting I am familiar with because a trip to Tucson and the Saguaro NP is one of my favorite memories from traveling the US. Miriam is looking for Mary Scissors, a fellow woman with a superpower like Miriam's, with the ability to fix Miriam and take her curse away. As a reminder, her curse is that Miriam experiences when and how a person will die when she touches them. I wouldn't advise anyone to read this as a stand-alone novel at all, btw.

So Miriam and her friend/lover Gabby (from Cormorant) follow Mary's trail across the US and end up in Arizona, crossing paths …