Die Ermordung des Commendatore 02

Eine Metapher wandelt sich. Roman


Published April 15, 2018 by DuMont Buchverlag GmbH.


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5 stars (1 review)

Sono nen no gogatsu kara yokunen no hajime ni kakete, watashi wa semai tanima no iriguchi chikaku no, Yamanoue ni sunde ita. Natsu ni wa tani no oku no kata de hikkirinashini ame ga futtaga, tani no sotogawa wa daitai harete ita.... Sore wa kodokude seihitsuna hibidearu hazudatta. Kishi danchō ga arawareru made wa.

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Don't trust my judgement on this, I like Murakami books too much

5 stars

This second part of Killing Commendatore is even better than the first book and I can't really put my finger on the reason why exactly.

Obviously, there are pointers for me, mostly the way he writes his stories: - How he just casually talks about some minor off topic point at great length - The awkward sexual side plots (I don't actually like them, but I expect them and get weirded out) - Delivering everything like you'd think about it happening in the moment - Some plot points leading into nothing, things that seemed important not going anywhere - Nothing really happens, yet I enjoy exactly that every time - How the protagonist is very much in the story and not part of it at the same time - and many many more

That's the general, why I love Murakami books section. I think my brain just likes his writing, …