Black Sun Rising

The Coldfire Trilogy #1

Paperback, 496 pages

English language

Published Sept. 6, 2005 by DAW Trade.

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2 stars (4 reviews)

3 editions

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1 star

I keep trying to read books by C.S. Friedman, and they get praised by people whose opinion I cherish, but I just can't do it. I dislike the storyline that within the first quarter of the book strips the powerful female mage Ciani of all her memories and power. I roll my eyes at the chivalrous warrior-priest who sets out on a quest to cure his beloved Ciani. I gnash my teeth at the bad boy Tarrant, the vampire guy who assists them on their quest.

I plodded on because of the world-building, the glimpses of it that you receive. It has a touch of science fantasy, a genre beloved by me. But for all the great world-building and setting, I cannot get over how mediocre the story, how tedious and annoying the characters are. It started so well, and then got worse and worse for me. Thus we must …

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4 stars
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2 stars


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