Summer in Orcus

Hardcover, 270 pages

Published Nov. 30, 2017 by Sofawolf Press, Inc..

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5 stars (2 reviews)

2 editions

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5 stars

There are so many things i want to say about this book, but i don't know where to start, so excuse me if i ramble. I cried, a lot. But in a good way - not happy, necessarily, but, the story, the writing, everything just so perfectly put together. And, listen, sad things happen, but good too, and hope and,... it was good. I read a review or a blurb somewhere that said that usually, adventures really aren't all that fun when you are in the middle of them, and that's true here but Summer keeps going even though she doesn't really want to be a hero. And speaking of Summer, she's so relatable, and practical, (and genre aware) and ... real, and adult in ways kids shouldn't have to be, but so many actual non-fictional kids are. There were a few parts of the book that i thought were …

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5 stars