The Great Train Robbery

mass market paperback, 304 pages

English language

Published July 2, 1994 by Ballantine Books.

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3 stars (5 reviews)

"England, 1855. The days of Queen Victoria. Once a month a train roars toward the channel laden with a fantastic shipment of gold. The train is guarded. The two safes are invulnerable...Yet Edward Pierce, a handsome, redbearded rogue, will have his way. In his plan he will choose one companion--a beautiful and dangerous woman. He will commit one of the most shocking crimes of the century."

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Review of 'The Great Train Robbery' on 'Goodreads'

2 stars

I got to be honest, this was my third time starting this book and finally got through it. This is not strong Crichton. He continues to try to make an interesting story around this robbery, but pulls and pulls and there is never really anything there. Finally the robbery takes place and it’s a handful of pages and nothing super serious. If you love Crichton, this one is an acceptable pass.

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1 star
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4 stars
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3 stars


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