384 pages

English language

Published April 4, 2014 by Penguin Random House.

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4 stars (8 reviews)

In post-apocalyptic Colorado, a state now covered in sand, one family struggles to survive and stay united after the father leaves. Wife and mother, Rose, has only a whore house and as her income dwindles, she finds she must work in the establishment she runs. Her children, Palmer, Victoria, Rob and Conner, all take on the dangerous job of being sand divers, hoping to help their mother with expenses.

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Reminded me of Mad Max

3 stars

This was a very Mad Max-ish take on a dystopian world, following the fate of a family of five in what must once have been Colorado but is now covered in sand. It's 5 novellas that connect, forming a cohesive story. My favorite character was Vic, the daughter of the family, accomplished sand diver. Sand divers wear special suits and can dive beneath the sand, shaping it, to salvage items from pre-apocalypse. It is such a salvage trip that changes everything, when Vic's brother Palmer is hired to dive for the near mythological city 'Danvar', which I took to be Denver. He and his buddy find the place but their boss is trying to kill them because all he wanted was the means to have an atomic bomb to detonate in the main town of the story, Springston (I think that's Silver Springs). Story moves from there.

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