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ジュンジ イトウ, Itō Junji, 伊藤潤二, and 9 others Junji Itō, Đunđi Ito, Дзюндзи Ито, 伊藤 潤二, 潤二 伊藤, Junji Ito, Džundži Itó, 이토 준지, Ito Junji
July 31, 1963

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Junji Ito (Japanese: 伊藤 潤二, Hepburn: Itō Junji, born July 31, 1963) is a Japanese horror mangaka. Some of his most notable works include Tomie, a series chronicling an immortal girl who drives her stricken admirers to madness, Uzumaki, a three-volume series about a town obsessed with spirals, and Gyo, a two-volume story where fish are controlled by a strain of sentient bacteria called "the death stench." His other works are Itou Junji Kyoufu Manga Collection, a collection of different short stories including a series of stories named Souichi's Journal of Delights, and Junji Ito's Cat Diary: Yon & Mu, a self-parody about him and his wife living in a house with two cats.

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