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Notre-Dame de Paris (French language, Independently Published) 4 stars

Notre-Dame de Paris relève du genre du roman historique, qui est à la mode au …

Fun plot, very specific vibes

4 stars

You kinda have to get into the right mood to enjoy this. Lots of discussions of aesthetics and architecture. Entire chapters dedicated to describing Parisian landscapes and buildings.

The pace picks up at the end, where almost all the plot beats happen back to back. But that's not really the point, is it?

The Timeless Way Of Building (1979, Oxford University Press, USA) 4 stars

Develops a humane and intuitive design and construction technique applicable to a wide range of …

First pass reading was excellent

4 stars

I’m not someone who builds physical spaces in a professional sense but I do put thought into the spaces I do have control over. Reading the italicized sentences and sometimes diving into the corresponding detailed paragraph was the way to go for me.

This book is making me see things in a new way. I’m noticing what feels alive and what doesn’t in the spaces around me. It encourages readers to use their intuition and that’s what I’ll do.

A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms (2015, Bantam Books) 4 stars

"Taking place nearly a century before the events of A Game of Thrones, A Knight …

Charming little stories

No rating

Love the two main characters, Dunk and Egg. Their loyalty to one another, expressed frequently, adds richness to Westeros that isn’t often found in the Ice and Fire novels. They get into all kinds of trouble, big and small, that points to larger forces at work that set the scene for A Game of Thrones. Recommended if you’re a fan of the novels or even either of the TV shows. I don’t know if it stands alone if you’re not already familiar with the stakes.