Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow (Hardcover, 2022, Knopf) 4 stars

In this exhilarating novel, two friends--often in love, but never lovers--come together as creative partners …

Review of 'Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow' on 'Storygraph'

4 stars

It was nostalgic, with depth. I appreciate the themes of video games and theatre, and the friendship love story.    I actually related to a lot of things in this book.I married a game developer. I loved doing theatre in high school and college. I’m 9-10 years younger than the main characters, so their childhood and college years were a different timeframe, technologically,  but most were timeframes that I remembered nostalgically.    I don’t know what the overlap is between those who have read this book and those who have participated in game development, but most of the reviews I’m seeing are from people who say they don’t know too much about games. That’s fine, but I’m just curious. Like, how many other people have read this book that have also, for example, opened Unreal Engine? Is it just me?