Verse, Chorus, Monster! (2022, Faber & Faber, Limited) 3 stars

Stuff they never tell you before you're famous, part one: if you are serious about signing away your soul in blood, you need to train yourself to become hyper-vigilant about people. Watch them like a hawk for certain behaviours or red flags. Work out if they're on the side of good or evil, as far as your interests are concerned. When you become successful with a band, no one from a record label or management company sits you down and has a knowing word in your ear along the lines of: 'Right, this is probably going to be fun, but you're going to have to get out there and play shows, travel round the world, and it's gonna exhaust you. You're going to get free booze, but don't drink too much. You'll be offered drugs, but don't overdo it. Girls will want to get close to you, but for some of them you might be just a temporary upgrade."

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