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Nice introductory book on bread science and baking

4 stars

The book starts with an introduction to the chemical reactions in bread baking on the molecular level (chapters 1 & 2). The book also outlines the history of bread science, e.g. how models of the gluten structure have developed, and which studies and experiments contributed to the progress.

The second half of the book dedicates a chapter for each step of baking: pre-fermentation, mixing (kneading), fermentation, shaping, proofing, and baking. The chapters explain what (roughly) happens during these steps and makes references back to the first half of the book. Thus, the book explains not only how to bake, but also why to do certain things.

I think I -- a beginner at baking -- learned a lot from this book. As an introduction to the science of bread making (and to baking in general), it is really accessible and sometimes even a bit funny (e.g. due to some hand-drawn …