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Reading for fun, threads over the years of scifi, history, social movements and justice, farming, philosophy. I actively work to balance out the white male default in what I read, but have a long way to go.

He/they for the praxis.

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The Spare Man (Hardcover, 2022, Doherty Associates, LLC, Tom) 5 stars

Hugo, Locus, and Nebula-Award winner Mary Robinette Kowal blends her no-nonsense approach to life in …

enjoyably cantankerous

4 stars

Witty low stakes riff, not so noir - the vibe is more 5th Element romp given the cruise ship setting, and the mystery bends to suit - but true to the original in prominent stiff drinks, and comfortably egalitarian in gender roles.

Entangled Life: How Fungi Make Our Worlds, Change Our Minds & Shape Our Futures (2020) 4 stars

When we think of fungi, we likely think of mushrooms. But mushrooms are only fruiting …

A wide-ranging approachable science overview from within the field

4 stars

Remarkable survey of mycology by a curious scientist, emphasizing the paradigm shift from individualistic biology to ecological symbiosis, and the challenges fungi have thrown at drawing any firm boundaries within ecosystems and between ourselves.

The Irony of American History (Paperback, 2008, University Of Chicago Press) 3 stars

"[Niebuhr] is one of my favorite philosophers. I take away [from his works] the compelling …

so quotable, sometimes cringe

3 stars

At its best, sharp analysis of American conflation of morality and prosperity, less so as a Cold War text criticizing both US and USSR attempts to manage history while making soon-to-be-awkward claims about democracy's defenses against pursuing preventative war, factionalism, and ideological blind hubris.

The Actual Star (Hardcover, 2021, Harper Voyager) 4 stars

The Actual Star takes readers on a journey over two millennia and six continents —telling …


5 stars

Deeply satisfyingly layered and interwoven, imagined Mayan/Belizean past and future solarpunk Earths, central struggles with violence and disagreement and revolt without compromising voluntary consent, paced like a jaguar moving through ruins.

The Nutmeg's Curse (Hardcover, University of Chicago Press) 5 stars

In this ambitious successor to The Great Derangement, acclaimed writer Amitav Ghosh finds the origins …

pulls even fewer punches than The Great Derangement

5 stars

Indicting colonial capitalism's responsibility for our modern environmental and poverty dilemma. Quick and smoothly focuses our attention on small acts, then global repercussions, offbeat books, then deep mysticism, to come back to the long-fought war of ideas and omnicidal violence we accept for the modern era's consumption and wealth.

Inversions (2001, Pocket) 4 stars

beautifully spare

4 stars

A morality question of harm volleyed between players in broadly medieval conflict from the personal to all out war. Reads as homage to LeGuin than most Banks: while there's only one late line to connect this explicitly to the Culture universe (give or take), it's most clearly asking the same questions.