Sophie Kim: The God and the Gumiho (2024, Hodder & Stoughton) No rating

Supernatural mystery, and romance featuring lots of banter between a grump and a smart ass.

No rating

I feel like I grouse about this for every book written like this, but it gets me every time. I do not get along with third person present tense. I don't know why, but it kills immersion for me, and it took me a couple tries to really get into this one. That being said, I liked what I found once I finally settled in. You've got mystery, a ton of drama, and two strong leads who provide plenty of banter for fans of animosity-to-love relationships. The author is clearly channeling k-drama energy for this part, and I love it. Kim Hani is a very fun read, and I delighted in all her smart ass antics. Seokga is a great moody boy, although I admit there was far less trickery than I would have expected from someone who's a literal trickster god. His passion for coffee is excellent, though. I very much appreciate that the author trusts the readers to either understand the Korean terms, or be interested enough to look them up. Truly, thank you. The ending feels satisfying enough to be a one-shot, although it seems implied that this is the start of a series? I can only hope the next book will be about a certain member of the supporting cast instead, because she deserves her moment.

Thanks to NetGalley and Ballantine, Del Rey for the advance copy. All thoughts in this review are my own!