Drawing shortcuts (2010, John Wiley & Sons) 5 stars

The updated edition of a contemporary approach to merging traditional hand drawing methods with 2-dimensional …

Becoming an efficient Artist

5 stars

Drawing and painting is one of those things I'd like to get better at, if only I could find the time for it next to my other hobby projects.

Nevertheless, I enjoy good how-to books on art, and this is one of the most inspiring. It is written from the perspective of people who have to develop concept art for architecture, and in that field, it is not only important to draw well, but to draw fast. Hence, "Drawing Shortcuts" - and the book delivers.

The book describes all sorts of speedy ways of painting architecture and how to enliven them with scenery. While the focus is on real world architecture designs, many of these approaches should also work for fantastic and science fiction buildings. From using photos as reference images to draw over up to using simple 3D models, these suggestions make it fairly easy to get architecture …