Andrew Joseph White: Hell Followed with Us (2022, Peachtree Publishing Company Inc., Peachtree Teen) 4 stars

Benji, un chico trans de dieciséis años, huye de la secta que lo crio, una …

the most annoying pacing

3 stars

I loved the unique science-fantasy concept explored in this book. I liked the characters. I liked the (eventual) plot. What drove me batty was the rimming--can I say that here?--of the pacing. Each chapter read like there was going to be a pay-off, a release of fury or emotions, and then nada. Nope. Over and over and over for 400 pages. It made me want to tear my hair out. What's that musical thing that sounds like it's increasing constantly without ever reaching climax? Yeah, that. It kinda ruined the end for me, honestly, because by then I just didn't care and wanted it to be over.