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(Thread in 4 batty parts) Book con and festival season is here and I've just had a conversation with a couple of lovely author friends about our daftest con experiences, so I thought I'd share one of mine, it involves 2 valium, a half bottle of jack daniels, a famous author and Stevie Nicks

About 9 years ago I attended a ceilidh in an old stone pub in the Aberdeen countryside on a freezing winter evening. It was cosy, everyone knew each other, almost everyone seemed to know all the words to ancient Scottish folk songs and even managed to harmonise. It was pretty damn magical

I was introduced to a whirlwind named Beth, she speaks multiple languages, loves horses, sings beautifully, has a glorious belly cackle. She'd written a book and wanted advice on getting it published. I told her to send it to me and then because whisky, …

George Monbiot says...

It is simply wrong to define neoliberalism as ‘free-market economics’. It's nothing of the kind. The ‘freedom’ that neoliberals celebrate – which sounds so beguiling when expressed in general terms – turns out to be freedom for the rich to exploit the rest.

As for ‘the market’, when used in the neoliberal context this term disguises a host of power relations. It becomes a euphemism for the power of money. When ‘the market’ decides, it means those with the money decide.

In reality, it’s about who dominates whom. Neoliberalism is a tool used by the very rich to accumulate more wealth and power.

Neoliberalism is class war.

That's from his new book ⤵️

The Invisible Doctrine: The Secret History of Neoliberalism (& How It Came to Control Your Life)

My is brief/won't spoil, to spread good, great, & spectacular far & wide.

💙📚 THE ONLY WAY OUT IS THROUGH by Paul Michael Anderson is a compelling collection w familiar tropes that go to dark & unexpected places. Full of cosmic horror goodness, with dashes of folk & creature horror for extra flavor, this novella & 4 short stories will keep you entertained & satiated. (Cemetery Gates)

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Borrowed The Lost Cause, written by @pluralistic (from the library), and was an enjoyable sci-fi novel, although perhaps too close for comfort to the present, and most certainly more optimistic than some of us here would be about the future; but, well recommended nonetheless. The hero of the book most certainly would be a denizen of this slice of the Fediverse.

(A thread in 2 or 3 parts)
It's the 10th anniversary of my first book club talk as an author today. Author book talks are often a little odd. Mine involved a crumbling Victorian Scottish mansion, 7 dachshunds, a bathtub of rubber duckies, 3 huge plates of sausage rolls and a large man in a kilt with no underpants.

I'd recently moved to a house in the Scottish countryside and my then 75 year old friend Barbara introduced me to Mary, a silver fox with long silver hair, slinky clothes and knee high boots. Barbara thinks Mary's a tart but Mary likes horses and they've known each other over 60 years.

Mary in turn thinks Barbara's a prude but they go for tea once a week so that's okay. Mary found out I was an author and declared I would be speaking at her book club the next Tuesday, giving …

Liz just wants a happy birthday.
Is that too much to ask?

A beautiful antique bed: her birthday present to herself. The nice delivery men set it up in her bedroom, and then all Hell breaks loose. Literally.

When it turns out the bed's former owner isn't basking in the glow of a happy afterlife, Liz must face some nasty adversaries to help him. Why on earth would she risk her life and her sanity to help a ghost? Certainly not because she’s in love with him.

Certainly not.